Talc Applications

Talc is widely used in many industries as a filler/extender and in other industrial applications due to its natural physical and chemical properties:

Cosmetic Industry
Used in a number of applications including colored make-up, personal care, soaps, derma-pediatric preparations & talcum powder.

Paint Industry
They are used as titanium dioxide extenders, reduce cracking and sagging, and enhance matting. In anti-corrosion primers, Talc improves corrosion resistance and paint adhesion.

Ceramic Industry
In ceramics talc is used mostly as cheap filler in ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, dinnerware, porcelain and electrical insulating.

Paper Industry
In paper industry talc is used in three stages of paper making – as filler, to control pitch and stickiness, and in paper coating. High brightness of talc leads to reduction in usage of expensive whitening agents and helps in controlling gloss of the coat.

Pharmaceutical Industry
Pharmaceutical industry requires highly pure, specialized and bacteria free talc for tablets, Ointments and Dusting. The thermal & chemical inertness of talc makes it ideal filler.

Soap & Washing Powder Industry
Our talc products are preferred in soaps and washing powder application because of high chemical purity, controlled particle size distribution, high surface area with good oleo resinous properties. Low level of iron content in talc helps to overcome discoloration problem. Talc imparts better surface finish and thereby acts as a surfactant and binder for all other ingredients.

Food Industry
Talc is also used as an anti-stick coating agent in a number of popular foods including chewing gum, boiled sweets, cured meats, and for rice polishing.In olive oil production, as a processing aid, it increases yield and improves the clarity of the oil.

Plastic Industry
Talc is extensively used and reinforced with different type of Plastics to improve chemical and heat & flame resistance, dimensional stability, stiffness, tensile strength, creep resistance, electrical resistance and heat deflection temperature.


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