H.Z.M. Marmi e Pietre

The H.Z.M. Marmi e Pietre (Smc Pvt) Ltd. formed in 2004 is one of the key players of the Global Talc Market.

Promoting the highest standards of operations with a special focus on its 2000 plus employees and their social development and welfare, thereby leading to long-term trust and loyalty.

The H.Z.M. Marmi e Pietre is an ISO and SA8000 Certified Company currently mining Talc, Magnesite and other high value minerals.

The critical difference is that the company’s labor costs are one of the lowest in the world as are its internal transport costs. Together with the high quality material and aforementioned competitive advantages, H.Z.M. Marmi e Pietre (Pvt) Ltd is the market leader.

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