Talc is our planet’s softest known mineral. All talc are lamellar, chemically inert and water repellent, but there are many types of talc and each ore body has its own features. Their unique properties bring added performance to a wide range of products and processes. In order to provide quality talc products to our customers, we select and recommend the most appropriate quality to meet the client’s applications. In many cases, tailor-made products are also manufactured to suit customer requirements.

Unique Feature of our  Talc are:

High whiteness & brightness
High purity
Free from Asbestos and heavy metals 

We have stable and strict quality testing and control teams to ensure our products are in top quality. Each & every production facility is accompanied by well-equipped Quality Assurance lab’s manned by trained & qualified personnel. HZMCORP has an active Total Quality Management Program and maintains the following quality management systems: ISO 9001:2008 in quality, ISO 14001: 2015 in environment.

The constant care for customer satisfaction, respect for the environment, safety and workers’ health represent the most important policy targets for HZMCORP. The production processes are developed according to a policy of continuous improvement and  efficiency with full respect for the environment and safety. Quality is insured through the constant control of the entire process.

Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality materials at the fairest prices as possible as we can, but still maintain excellent services. We earn every customer’s approval through hard work and dedication to customer service.

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