The following management systems are implemented and maintained by HZM Marmi e Pietre: SA8000, ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 37001:2016 and 45001:2018.

The top priorities for HZM Marmi e Pietre’s policy are the continuous pursuit of customer happiness, adherence to environmental standards, energy efficiency, safety, and worker health.

The development of the production processes is done concurrently with a commitment to efficiency maximization and complete adherence to environmental and safety standards. The continuous monitoring of the entire process ensures quality.


Hzm Marmi e Pietre is dedicated to constant development.

The standard of the workplace is continuously checked and managed, and staff members receive recurring training on hazards, preventative measures, first aid, and fire emergency procedures.

The environmental effects of the talc extraction and processing processes are highly valued.

The business has committed to abiding by all environmental regulations governing the processing of industrial waste, as well as by selecting procedures and solutions that reduce waste generation.

Our Certificates  can be downloaded requesting a link by email info@hzmcorp.com

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