HZM Corporation


HZM Corp. is one of the leading business corporation in the country and to diversify its activities entered into the business of mining of minerals in 2004 with HZM Marmi e Pietre which become soon its core business and it is currently a leading player in the market of Talc.

In 2018 entered in the automotive sector with Spirits of Speed, Rolls Royce Motor Cars dealer in Spain.

Other businesses where HZM Corporation is involved in include arranging foreign investment and trading. The group at present is conducting business with U.A.E., France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Korea and the USA.




H.Z.M. Marmi e Pietre

The H.Z.M. Marmi e Pietre (Smc Pvt) Ltd. formed in 2004 is one of the key players of the Global Talc Market.

Promoting the highest standards of operations with a special focus on its 2000 plus employees and their social development and welfare, thereby leading to long-term trust and loyalty.

The H.Z.M. Marmi e Pietre is an ISO Certified Company currently mining Talc, Magnesite and other high value minerals.

The critical difference is that the company’s labor costs are one of the lowest in the world as are its internal transport costs. Together with the high quality material and aforementioned competitive advantages, H.Z.M. Marmi e Pietre (Pvt) Ltd is the market leader.

Mission & Vision

We aim to become the leading global supplier of  raw talc and to offer high quality products through innovation and sustainability, remaining highly competitive in the market.

We are listed between the first 10 top players in the talc market and we have achieved recognition of the product’s excellence by meeting customer’s needs, the constant technical development and the improvement of quality in the domestic market as well as the foreign market.


Our Mines

HZM Marmi e Pietre posses concession about 30.000 acres plus warehouse in Parachinar for talc sieving & hand sorting and loading to Karachi. The geological context indicates magnesite carbonate origin of the ore so the absence of asbestiform mineral or other amphibole mineral contamination. We mostly extracted talc from Zora area from underground mines and some open pits using manual mining.
The mining zone lies in the Federal Administrated Tribal Area FATA near Afghan border. The Parachinar quadrangle occupies approx. 3.500 square miles along the western border of Pakistan. We have state of the art processing facilities located in Peshawar and Karachi, Pakistan




While the HZM Marmi e Pietre Pvt Ltd possesses a vast array of mineral bearing locations, our primary concentration is the mining and trading of High Quality Talc.

We operate in the country’s largest talc deposit and we possess 30,000 acres of mining leases of Talc. Furthermore through Joint Ventures and collaborations we are in control of the majority of small independent talc mining operations which ensures a constant flow of export quality talc lumps year around.

HZM Marmi e Pietre has just completed an extensive modernization and expansion program at its talc mines. The geological context indicates magnesite carbonate origin of the ore so the absence of asbestiform mineral or other amphibole mineral contamination. Most of our talc deposits are open-pit mines.