Code of Conduct

At HZMCORP, we all are responsible for understanding the important legal and ethical issues that affect our business and for acting with integrity at all times. Integrity means more than just complying with the law. It is one of H.Z.M. Corp. Values. It reflects who we are as a company and as individuals.

Conducting ourselves with integrity helps us earn the trust and respect of the people we serve. H.Z.M. Corp. is committed to acting with integrity in all aspects of our work, including research, development, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, government interactions, sales and promotion. We will comply with all applicable laws and regulatory requirements. We are certified ISO 37001:2016.

We will act responsibly in our relationships with all stakeholders including consumers, governments, regulatory entities, business partners, customers, suppliers and vendors. We are committed to conducting our business in a way that ensures fair competition and we will be honest and fair in all our business dealings.

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