Our Quality Control

We established one of the first modern laboratory with state of the art equipment totally dedicated to monitoring strict quality control of our products. We conduct a long series of laboratory tests and collect a huge database over the last years, this database helped us to enhance our control on production, hence delivering consistent quality to our customers. The Quality Management System (QMS) is introduced and certified under ISO 9001:2008.

Whiteness, brightness and color characterization of our talc is done in-house on modern instruments, as well as other parameters with LOI furnaces and XRF spectrometers and X-ray diffractometer (XRD).

Laboratory is operated by highly qualified staff to assure & control the quality. At plant site samples are collected before dispatch. Pre-shipment samples are preserved for future reference and replication.
Investing in equipment and monitoring and encouraging safe workplace behaviors boosts customer’s confidence in our talc.



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